digital art, photography & paintings

Diana Dău, a high-end graphic designer and versatile multidisciplinary artist, embarks on a ceaseless artistic odyssey. With unwavering determination, she delves into the intricate realm of dichotomies, unravelling the enigmatic complexities of existence. Through her transcendent creations, she ingeniously harmonizes seemingly incongruous elements, in a profound quest to decipher the very essence of paradox.

Erupting Rainbow
Acrylic on canvas, 2023
Acrylic on canvas, 2023. 
Journey through the void
Animation & 3D commissioned artwork for Ridley Road market bar, London 2022
The Empress
The Empress. Isis. Gaia. Different names, different cultures, different nuances, one archetypal entity. The inception of the Female Archetypes series marks the commencement of a curated assemblage of self-representations delving into varied personas drawn from the realm of Tarot and beyond. Each depicted character resonates with facets of my own identity, culminating in an intricate exploration of the self through artistic expression. Art direction, model, editing, camera settings -me. Photo assistant: Robert
Duality -the Hairy Grater series
This series is part of my artist's mission of bringing together contrasting, opposing elements in an attempt to bridge dual aspects into one. The hairy grater has received an Artistic Merit from Luxembourg Art Prize 2022 edition and it has been exhibited in the Metaverse Biennale 2022. Photography, styling, art direction & digital retouching
The high priestess
The sexuality and nudity of the female body are usually separated themes from female empowerment. I wanted to bring the seemingly opposite motifs together, getting inspired by the symbolism of Tarot cards such as The High Priestess and The Empress. I art directed the whole process and I transformed myself into the character, using wigs and hair to cover some parts of the body. For the background- I collaborated with a CGI artist to make it in Blender.
Power & fragility
Abstract artwork inspired by the union of polar opposites (Power & fragility). Photography, art direction & creative retouch
(0) (V)(u)(l)(v)(a)
Zero is both closed and wide open. It symbolises creation, openness, wholeness, and infinity. Abstract graphic art.